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15M0640 - Black GENUINE Cartridge
Product Name:15M0640 - Black GENUINE Cartridge
Our Price:£21.27
Availability:In Stock
Product Number:pn-320430
Product Weight:0.08 kg.

 Product Detail

Lexmark Samsung SF3000/SF4000 Black Fax Ink Cartridge Lexmark provides the Fax/MFP Black Print Cartridge to support select Samsung Fax/MFP machines. All Lexmark inkjet cartridges have the actual print head, there where the core inkjet technology lies, integrated to the cartridge bottle. The main advantage to having the print head as an integrated part to the cartridge is that Lexmark customers get a new print head with each cartridge replacement! This is each time like getting a brand new printer all over again! No risk of deterioration of the print head (and therefore a decrease in quality) during the life of the printer as can be the case with other manufacturers who integrate the print head as a fixed part inside the printer itself. This product is designed for Samsung Series SF3000, 3100, 3100P, 4000, 4100, 4200. For a complete compatibility list please refer to the original manufacturer's web site. These printers use the Lexmark 15M0120 Lexmark P707 Lexmark 3100 Lexmark P3150 Lexmark ColorJet X63 Lexmark ColorJet X73 Lexmark ColourJet X83 Lexmark ColourJet X84 Lexmark ColourJet X85 Lexmark ColourJet X125 Lexmark ColourJet Z42 Lexmark ColourJet Z43 Lexmark ColourJet Z45 Lexmark ColourJet Z51 Lexmark ColorJet Z52 Lexmark ColorJet Z53 Lexmark ColorJet Z54 Lexmark ColourJet Z82 Lexmark P122 Photo Colour Lexmark P700 Lexmark P3120 Lexmark P3150 Lexmark X4250 Lexmark X4270 Lexmark Z45se Lexmark Z705 Compaq 1400P Compaq A1000 Compaq A1200 Compaq A1500 Compaq A3000 Compaq A4000 Compaq IJ1200 Samsung SCX100 Samsung SCX1000 Samsung SF 4700 Samsung SF 4750C Samsung MJ4500C

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